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Update by user Jun 17, 2013

Imagine to my surprise this morning speaking to the office manager and being provided my refund.It shouldn't take constant calling, complaining, and contacting the NC Attorney General to get results.

Don't get me wrong, I will never go there for treatment again and once my son is done he will no longer receive treatment there either.The services they provide are excellent but your front desk should not be the deciding factor for your customers.

Original review posted by user Jun 16, 2013

My dental office grossly overcharged me for services for my sons orthodontic treatment.After months of trying to educate the office on the difference between a contracted rate and their billed rate they finally acknowledged that I am owed a refund.

They have currently only provided me a partial refund stating that the rest will be refunded at the end of treatment. There is no viable reason for them to hold my money for another 5 months when they KNOW I am due a refund.

I do not trust them to refund me the rest of my funds at all at this point because it took too much for the ill educated office manager to see her errors in her previous billings.Worst part is even when they were given the contracted amounts they STILL got the refund amount wrong, it took an entire heated conversation and a detailed letter explaining the issue before the clerk saw the error.

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sorry to hear about the worst dentist!The best dentist is my dentist!

Check them out at of a drive from charlotte though!

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